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BVG's Centre of Excellence for Apprenticeship-NATS

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The National Apprenticeship Training Scheme (NATS) in India is a one-year program equipping technically qualified youth with the practical knowledge and skills required in their field of work. The Apprentices are imparted training by the organizations at their place of work. Trained Managers with well-developed training modules ensure that Apprentices learn the job quickly and competently. During the period of apprenticeship, the apprentices are paid a stipend amount, 50% of which is reimbursable to the employer from the Government of India. At the end of the training period, the apprentices are issued a Certificate of Proficiency by the Government of India which can be registered at all employment exchanges across India as valid employment experience. The apprentices are placed for training at Central, State, and Private organizations which have excellent training facilities. National Apprenticeship Training Scheme is one of the flagship programs of the Government of India for Skilling Indian Youth.

BVG India Limited is India’s one of the Largest Integrated Services Company with over 80,000 employees serving across the country. BVG India Ltd is authorized ESTABLISHMENT & TPA under NATS to serve the industrial sector and apprentice as well.


  • Financial support from the Government through NATS (Sharing of 50% of the prescribed stipend, subject to a max Rs. 4,500/m for Graduate Apprentices & Rs 4000/m for Diploma Apprentices) for 1 year.

  • Under NATS, Industries can save monthly around Rs 3500-4000 on PF, ESI, Bonus, Leave with Wages and gratuity to such Apprentices as they do not come under Labor Law.

  • Candidates who have passed during 2019-2024 are eligible for registration under NATS

  • Industries can engage apprentices for a period of 12-24 months depending upon the qualification of candidates. 

  • Also, these apprentices cannot join any worker union.

  • This way, attrition rate, and recruitment costs can be reduced.

The Centre of Excellence will manage NATS and support BVGs BD & Operations teams across India with its knowledge  and resource base.

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